Baldness with round, bald spots on scalp

With alopecia areata, inflammation develops around the hair roots. Attacking hair loss (baldness) is usually the only symptom of this hair follicle inflammation (folliculitis). A few patients experience burning and itching or feeling on the head. Pain, a feeling of sickness or other symptoms do not normally occur with alopecia areata. Usually one or two hair bunches first fall out, often on the scalp. Sometimes this also occurs in the beard, in the eyebrows, under the armpits, on the genitals (pubic hair) or on the arms or legs. The hair patches that have fallen off the head are smooth, round or oval in shape and peach. The hair roots are still present and visible in the bare hair areas. At the edges of a bald spot there are hairs that have the appearance of an exclamation mark. With alopecia totalis, total hair loss often occurs within six months after the first symptoms have started.


Also nail anomalies sometimes occur. For example, a patient with Alopecia areata sometimes experiences to leukonychie (white nails), or to well nails (pitting of the nails).

A blood test excludes other disorders

Often the hair disease can be clearly identified on the basis of the external characteristics. If the doctor doubts, he performs a scalp biopsy. He then removes a piece of tissue from the scalp and has it examined microscopically to ensure that the patient does not suffer from another hair disorder. In addition, various blood tests are possible. This is necessary to detect any autoimmune disorders and thyroid abnormalities.


The hair often grows back within a few months without treatment. This does not apply when the hair loss is very widespread. The doctor may prescribe medication that the patient applies to the skin. Another treatment consists of a steroid injection under the skin surface. Corticosteroids are, after all, strong, anti-inflammatory drugs that suppress the inflammation of the hair roots. Furthermore, ultraviolet light therapy is a solution for some patients. Other patients benefit from a wig to hide the areas of hair loss.

Prognosis is usually good

Normally the hair grows back completely after the inflammation has disappeared, but it is possible that this is then in the form of white or gray hairis. Often it takes several months before the hair starts to grow back. But in about 10% of patients, hair growth does not happen again. This is especially the case in patients where the condition has started at a very young age, when the alopecia is chronic, when the condition is very widespread and also when the patient is suffering from eczema. Patients with abnormal color, shape, texture, or thickness of fingernails or toenails also have poorer prospects for hair regrowth. In addition to the physical characteristics of the disease, alopecia areata sometimes leads to social isolation, shame and an unattractive feeling.


The head hair sometimes falls out completely. The hair condition sometimes also comes back, with or without treatment. This is unpredictable.

Low-carbohydrate lunch + recipes

With a low- carbohydrate lunch you can burn more body fat. You do this by replacing bad carbs with good fats and a lot of protein! In this article you will find information by about a low-carbohydrate lunch and I will give you some tasty recipes.

Unhealthy lunches (which you should not take)

Many traditional lunches are unhealthy. We Dutch people like a nice sandwich at lunch. And this is precisely what you should not take during a low-carbohydrate diet. These traditional lunches (bread, crackers, rusks, cruesli) are perhaps very tasty, but not very healthy.

There are a lot of fast carbohydrates that make your blood sugar rise enormously and making weight loss harder. Rice cakes and oatmeal are also full of carbohydrates. This does not mean you can never eat it, but make sure that this is not your standard lunch recipes…

Low-carbohydrate lunch

Okay, lunch with a nice sandwich is not a good choice (unless you bake this low- carbohydrate bread ). But what can I take as a low- carbohydrate lunch? Enough in any case! There are many tasty things that you can take if you want to have lunch without carbohydrates. Replace carbohydrate-rich products with a high protein and healthy fat diet .

Egg whites

Go for recipes with lots of proteins, such as chicken, nuts and eggs. Eg eggs give you a feeling of fullness and they contain a lot of vitamins (A, B1, B2, D, E). Eggs are very good to combine! Cook a few by the salad or make an omeletje with salmon and spinach. Two eggs a day may, for that matter, rest assured, no problem at all. That is only healthy!

Healthy fats

Combine the proteins with healthy fats. Fats are bad? On the contrary, fats are only good for you! Of course it is important to get healthy fats. It is not the intention that you go for lunch with pastries, cookies or snacks. Take, for example, avocado, fatty fish (salmon, herring, whitefish) or coconut fat. They are packed with good fats.

Man boobs through excess fat

If your husband hangs boobs as a kind of tea bags, you probably have to deal with excess fat. It is also possible that you have no overweight. It may even be that you are muscular and still have excess fat around the breasts.

Your body decides for itself where the excess fat ends up, but your body also decides where the fat is first burned.

People often store fat around the abdominal area and only then do other parts of the body turn. Fat which is stored first only disappears last when you are on a diet.

That is why it is difficult for many people to get a belly out. This is because the fat first settles around the abdominal area and disappears as last.

But this does not always have to be the case it is also possible that the fat is stored first at the breast area. This makes it more difficult to remove the fat around your chest area.

In this case it is important that you eat healthy and follow a good workout plan. By eating healthy you lower your fat percentage. And by training your chest muscles you ensure that your chest develops better and grows bigger. This ensures that everything gets better in balance.

Oh My Moobs can help you in healthy meals every day.. The website contains recipes, supplements and all kinds of tips. If you stick to these meals and do not secretly eat unhealthy snacks and sport well. Then the man’s boobs will disappear by themselves.

Can Man boobs be dangerous?

In most cases it is very innocent. As above, it is common in adolescents and men who use steroids. But sometimes gynacomastia is caused by less innocent things. Gynacomastia can also arise from:

  • Breast cancer
  • A side effect of certain medications
  • A response to metabolic alterations in a liver or kidney disease
  • A change in the production of hormones (too little production by the testicle or in case of stress)
  • hormone producing tumors to the testicles or the respiratory tract
  • That is why it is wise to go to the doctor so that you have more certainty.

Man hiding boobs

As a man you do not want to boobs, of course, but if you have them you will be nice with them. But there are a number of ways to hide your man boobs. Wear a tight tank-top or under-shirt under your normal clothes.

Make sure the tank top or bottom shirt is soon, very tight. Go two sizes smaller than your normal size, so to speak. The tight makes sure that the breasts are compressed so that the breasts become much less visible.

Unfortunately, in many cases you can not do anything about your man having boobs. In puberty it is annoying to suffer from man boobs. But in the end you will get rid of it. Do you suffer from overweight? Then you know what you have to do and that is losing weight!