Breast enlargement, what are the dangers?

Some of the women are not satisfied with her breasts. The size or shape is not good or not in relation to the rest of the body. A breast augmentation can in many cases provide a better self-confidence. But what are the dangers of this surgery?

What do breasts consist of?

Breasts consist mainly of fat, milk ducts, blood vessels, nerves and lymph nodes. Young women often have firm breasts, this is because the breasts for the most part consist of glandular tissue. As a woman ages, this glandular tissue is replaced by adipose tissue and the breasts become less firm.

How is a breast implant placed?

A breast implant is placed below or above the pectoral muscle under total narcosis. This depends on the amount of available space and the wishes of the patient. The implant is inserted through an incision in the skin fold under the breast, around the areola or in the armpit under the skin and possibly the chest muscle.

What does a breast implant consist of?

A breast implant consists of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel, salt-water solution or a combination of both.

Breast implants come in different shapes and sizes, so there is the ideal implant for every woman. There are round and anatomically shaped implants. The first gives the chest a round shape. The round implant is (especially the first time) reasonably visible through a bulge at the top of the chest. The anatomically shaped implant has a drop shape and gives the breast a natural shape.

Are there dangers?

A breast augmentation is a reasonably safe procedure. Complications can occur during the procedure due to anesthesia. But with a healthy person the chance of this is very small. After the procedure it can happen that the wound starts to penetrate due to an infection. In addition, the wound / chest may swell and bleeding may occur.

The most important thing is that the patient consults with the doctor about the possibilities and dangers. In this way, precautionary measures can be taken to minimize the chance of this happening.

Health benefits of this grain

Spelled has a mild, nutty flavor and is a good alternative to wheat. It contains various essential nutrients, such as iron, magnesium and zinc. Spelled consuming as part of a balanced diet offers many benefits for heart health and digestion, but the cereal offers other health benefits.

Improve blood circulation

The high levels of iron and copper in spell stimulate the blood circulation considerably. Iron and copper are essential for the production of red blood cells. When the production of red blood cells rises, there is an increased blood flow through the body, which means extra oxygen for organs and tissues. In addition, there is a better healing of an injury, a higher energy level and a better working metabolism . An increased blood circulation is even good for hair growth. Finally, iron levels prevent anemia due to iron deficiency (ferrous anemia).

Reduce blood pressure

Approximately one in three adults has high blood pressure (hypertension). Eating spelled and other whole grains reduces high blood pressure because high levels of dietary fiber are present in spelled. High fiber values ??lower blood pressure. This benefit is greater in people aged 40 and over than in young adults with high blood pressure.

Improve bone health

Spelled possesses many essential minerals needed for bone health. These minerals contribute to the development of bone tissue. By increasing the levels of these minerals in the body, it is possible to actively prevent osteoporosis (loss of bone mass with risk of bone fractures ) and other age-related bone disorders .

Improve cholesterol levels

Eating foods that contain soluble fiber, such as spelled, reduces the amount of cholesterol that the body absorbs into the bloodstream. Soluble dietary fibers lower both lipoprotein with total and low density, or the ‘bad’ cholesterol. A higher intake of dietary fiber also increases a high density lipoprotein (HDL) or the ‘good’ cholesterol. The higher the fiber intake, the greater the increase in HDL cholesterol.

Prevent gall stones

The gallbladder releases fluids in the digestive system, but during the process different types of sediment accumulate which possibly lead to the formation of gallstones and severe pain ( biliary colic ). The high concentration of fibers in spelled and their ability to absorb liquids and remove them from the body helps in the natural removal of harmful deposits from the gall bladder so that the person does not have to deal with gallstones.

Achieve or maintain weight

Fiber-rich foods help to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, because people will continue to feel full for longer. Even a fiber intake of up to 30 grams per day helps with weight loss. Adding more fiber to the diet is an easier step than following complicated diets.

Important facilities for shaving in shower

A good shower level (and maybe a board). You know how misty the mirror is when you step out of the shower? Slide it on condensation and scientists. If you want to be able to see what you are doing, you need a mirror that does not fog during showering. This may look like magic or witchcraft, but believe us: it is. Do you know the agreement between Inigo Montoya , the Joker , and Edward Scissorhands ? They all suffered from their scars when they tried to shave without a fog-free mirror. Did you really believe that they wanted to take revenge for their father, were a psychotic villain, or put their cutlery on their arms? No, they all fell prey to a misty mirror.

Look, this is the only essential piece of equipment that you may not have yet. If you want to seriously shave in the shower, this is not something you should save on. For example, the Zandro Z’Fogless LED Lighted Fog Free Mirror is a good option. He does not cost € 50 and is absolutely necessary. The built-in LED lights ensure that you see what you do when editing your face. There is no conceivable scenario in which shaving with a fogged mirror works out well. Just ask Tony “Scarface” Montana.

Also, if you can find one, consider buying a mirror with a small shelf or holder to keep your razor in. And then, if you need it, make sure it is big enough for your other shaving stuff.

It would be a fantastic plan to put a separate shelf in your shower to protect your best things from the water. For less than € 15 you can easily put a simple plastic carrier with suction cups in a corner. A chic handmade bronze version can be obtained for € 350. If you decide that you need one, you can get a shelf for every budget.

Glycerin or alum. One of the dangers of shaving in the shower is that everything is wet and slippery. I’m sure we’ve all done that weird dance where you juggle with soap before dropping it, right? Now juggling with a razor is the last thing you want to do.

You also need good grip on your face so that you can keep your skin tight during shaving, and that is often much more difficult in the shower.

Fortunately it is quite easy to solve. You can use glycerin or alum on your fingertips to keep them nice and rough. If you have never used alum, you should really try it.