Low-carbohydrate lunch + recipes

With a low- carbohydrate lunch you can burn more body fat. You do this by replacing bad carbs with good fats and a lot of protein! In this article you will find information by https://weightyz.com about a low-carbohydrate lunch and I will give you some tasty recipes.

Unhealthy lunches (which you should not take)

Many traditional lunches are unhealthy. We Dutch people like a nice sandwich at lunch. And this is precisely what you should not take during a low-carbohydrate diet. These traditional lunches (bread, crackers, rusks, cruesli) are perhaps very tasty, but not very healthy.

There are a lot of fast carbohydrates that make your blood sugar rise enormously and making weight loss harder. Rice cakes and oatmeal are also full of carbohydrates. This does not mean you can never eat it, but make sure that this is not your standard lunch recipes…

Low-carbohydrate lunch

Okay, lunch with a nice sandwich is not a good choice (unless you bake this low- carbohydrate bread ). But what can I take as a low- carbohydrate lunch? Enough in any case! There are many tasty things that you can take if you want to have lunch without carbohydrates. Replace carbohydrate-rich products with a high protein and healthy fat diet .

Egg whites

Go for recipes with lots of proteins, such as chicken, nuts and eggs. Eg eggs give you a feeling of fullness and they contain a lot of vitamins (A, B1, B2, D, E). Eggs are very good to combine! Cook a few by the salad or make an omeletje with salmon and spinach. Two eggs a day may, for that matter, rest assured, no problem at all. That is only healthy!

Healthy fats

Combine the proteins with healthy fats. Fats are bad? On the contrary, fats are only good for you! Of course it is important to get healthy fats. It is not the intention that you go for lunch with pastries, cookies or snacks. Take, for example, avocado, fatty fish (salmon, herring, whitefish) or coconut fat. They are packed with good fats.